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About Zion Covenant Ministries

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We are 20+ years in ministry

The scriptural foundation upon which the vision of the ministry is based on Obadiah: 17

Zion Covenant Ministries (ZCM) was founded as a non-denominational teaching and Prayer Ministry as Zion House of Prayer in 2001. It was founded under the leadership of Pastor Bridget Israel.

Our History

Prayer meetings, in an apartment with a few believers who believed in the vision, were how the inception of this ministry started. As the Lord added to the Ministry daily, ZCM relocated to Victory Hall, on Bissonnet Street Houston Texas, for every Thursday prayer service. Eventually, one of the brothers in the ministry also offered his physical therapist office on Wilcrest, for Monday service. Zion, then, celebrated Monday and Thursday worship services. ZCM also started counseling services where many people requested for one-on-one counseling with the pastor to discuss matters of major concern in their lives.

Our Vision

Our vision at Zion Covenant Ministries is to teach the undiluted Word of God for salvation, set the captives free and to plant an intercessor in every family.